Welcome to the Estate Sale Center in New Olreans

Welcome to the Estate Sale Center in New Olreans

Welcome to the inaugural sale at The Appraisal Group’s new Estate Sale Center in New Orleans. This is where I take beautiful orphans families don’t want to send to auction or sell privately. Most of the items come from renown estates.

The Estate Sale Center is located at 1532 Magazine Street.  You can find us online at www.EstateSales.org when we have an important estate sale to talk about.  Otherwise, please visit my Facebook page .

The Estate Sale Center is a new venture designed to support the services we provide The Appraisal Group clients. All too frequently, I visit beautiful homes with gorgeous stuff that has a limited auction market potential. Often, I am called in to organize and manage an estate sale of these items. I arrange everything by room when possible, creating inviting vignettes that place the antiques and fine art in contest. It’s much better than simply setting all the fine art and antiques out in a hodge-podge.  Mrs. Nelson of Texas talks about this in the video on this site.

When  I can’t arrange an estate sale at the original venue, I brngs items back to the shop on Magazine Street and sell them from here. If you’re in New Orleans or nearby, stop in. If you are hundred of miles away, be sure to call or email for pictures of items you are searching for.

As today is the kick-off sale at the Estates Sale Center, come by and say hello. 

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