“David Goldberg showed me the true value of my painting. When people said it was worth ‘a million dollars,’ David would say, “Great, you can buy it for $500,000.” Of course the painting was valuable. It sold at auction for $105,300.”

– Libby Nelson


“David Goldberg always knows what questions to ask. He is always there in an emergency. We have called him in to authenticate rare items on many occasions over the years.”

-Bill Rau, M.S. Rau Antiques, New Orleans

Waterlilies desk and chair_thumb

“I knew it had some value because our parents always told us to care of it and not destroy it. I knew it meant something to them but I was surprised by the strong appraisal.”

— Eloise Wilkinson


“David Goldberg can be counted on to find the details that reflect fair market value and/or replacement value.”

-Kim Gilnett


“When I went into the bedroom and saw this desk, I started shaking. Majorelle only made about 10 of these.”

— David Goldberg