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The Louisiana State Museum, the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation, the Gueydan Museum of Art, the National Museum of Jewish History, the West Baton Rouge Museum of Art and the New Orleans Museum of Art have all worked with The Appraisal Group.
Leather Gloves / A reenactment in Virginia. A close up of the ha
Museum appraisals bridge the gap between scholarly expertise and fair market value.

Know how much insurance is enough. When a Civil War collection housed at the West Baton Rouge Museum needed a revised insurance policy, The Appraisal Group was called in. Working with scholarship provided by the curator and data from a category expert, The Appraisal Group delivered a valuation that reflects the realities of the marketplace. In this case, an upgraded insurance policy was needed.

All gifts need an IRS Form 8283.

Verify value. Gifts of fine art and antiques willed to institutions often arrive unvalued, as happened when the LSU Museum of Art received works by a Newcomb College artist. The Appraisal Group brought in a specialist in the genre to establish fair market value. Part III of Form 8283 carried the appraiser’s signature.

Winged Sculpture

“Philomela”, c. 1970, by Angela Gregory (1903-1990). Image courtesy Know LA

Ceres, the Roman goddess
When art travels, insurance waivers may be required. An independent appraisal provides updated values.

Confirm value for special-circumstance coverage. Before a well-known museum sent valuable sculpture out to a public-place installation, they added a rider to the insurance policy. The Appraisal Group provided accurate replacement valuations that provided a comfort level for museum administrators and held the insurers accountable. Fortunately, the statues were returned intact.