Lawyers Appraisals

David J. Goldberg has a 35-year history of assisting in mediation and litigation prevention. He can be relied on to help assure swift resolution, saving families and the court money while assuring equity.
Majorelle Desk, $1M desk set
A family divided over succession rights almost put this French desk set in a yard sale. David J. Goldberg valued it. Final price: $1.1M at Sotheby’s.

Knowledge is money. This star lot was discovered in a routine personal property appraisal by the Appraisal Group. On advice from the Appraisal Group, the desk and its chair were placed in a highly publicized international auction. When the hammer went down, the shouts of joy resounded from Louisiana to Paris.

An estate tied up in litigation was costing everyone money. When the Appraisal Group set the fair market value of its antiques and fine art at around $200,000, the contents were swiftly sent to auction.

Mitigate the losses. It took several weeks for the Appraisal Group to determine the value of the more than 1,200 items of Southern antiques and fine regional art that filled the historic estate. The exercise was worth the effort. The Appraisal Group put the value at about $200,00. The properties were sold at auction, ending seven years of litigation.

Men in suits taking oath
As the South’s most trusted antiques and fine arts appraiser, David J. Goldberg, President of the Appraisal Group, is a recognized authority and expert witness.

Let an expert witness make your case. As president of the Appraisal Group, David J. Goldberg has the knowledge and the reputation to make a success of your case. He has stood up on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants in matters of succession, divorce and contested estates.

Victimized communities have learned to rely on the Appraisal Group too. After Hurricane Katrina David J. Goldberg provided testimony that turned around 160 contested insurance claims.